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male enhancement treatments

A topic rarely thought about or talked about is body image in men and the impact stereotypes and mainstream media have. But the truth is, body image isn’t gender specific, men just aren’t really allowed to talk about it freely. Very rarely do you hear a guy say “does my bum look fat” but in reality dissatisfaction with your shape or size has the same impact on men as it does in women, men just suffer it in silence.

I’ve heard many testimonials from women who have had breast augmentation that it was the best thing they have ever done, that they “just didn’t feel feminine” with small breasts. That sense of inadequacy, particularly when related to sexual attractiveness has a significant impact on your sense of self worth, your ability to feel sexually comfortable and confident and ultimately your ability to have fulfilling relationships. Even though in western society we are superficially embracing gender equality, the quest to live up to gender stereotypes is as strong as ever and men suffer the pangs of inadequacy as much if not more than women.

There still exists the “macho man” concept-bigger appendage suits his bigger body, and we have men flaunting their socks under their shorts at sports games and beaches. Like a peacock displaying his grand feathers, attracting females is inherent to all animals, including man.

performance anxiety

Rightly or wrongly there is a perception from men that their manliness is very much associated with penis size and actually believe that women like big dicks. Conversely if a man has a smaller penis there is a belief that he cannot properly satisfy a woman, he is self-conscious, gets performance anxiety and his manhood goes south. It’s a spiral affect that can have a devastating effect on his whole psychological and physical health. And let’s face it, we’ve all heard stories of guys getting ribbed in the showers after a football game and the girls getting together whispering about the guy with the little penis. The poor bloke stops playing sport, stops dating women and suffers both mentally and physically, after all we can’t separate or compartmentalise our bits from each other or from our emotions.

The side of this is that there is no need to suffer and if god drew you the short straw, there are ways to remedy this so that you can feel confident, and more masculine, which in turn enhances your relationships, your sex life and your self esteem. You don’t need to take pills or use pumps or stretching apparatus as we offer several simple, non invasive procedures to enhance what you already have. At Esmee clinic you can experience a penis enlargement naturally and organically without the need for artificial devices or medication. Our procedures work with your own body to re adjust and reshape your genital area to reveal more length, or width or both.

While there are a number of products and promises available, pills and traction devices have temporary and possibly damaging side effects and side effects and can do more damage than good. It’s really important to do your research and consult with an expert to determine your exact needs and the best way forward for you. Some people benefit from one procedure, others a combination. At Esmee Clinic, our professional staff are at the forefront of male enhancement treatments by providing simple, non intrusive but life changing services.

Male Enhancement Procedures

What is on offer?

Injectable –

  • P Shot (like a female Counterpart G spot) – A PRP injection derived from your own blood is known to increase the length and strength of erection. Young and olds are flocking to such lunch time procedures to please their partners even more.
  • Fillers – Temporary and some permanent fillers can enhance girth and sometimes length
  • Surgery – Increasing number of men are choosing to go under the knife as a one stage shot. Technology and modern medicine has made surgery safer. They can go home the same day with a brand new large and long penis. Cosmetic Surgery is about providing exactly what the patient wants.

Primarily surgery can be of 3 types –

  • Structured fat grafting to build up length
  • Advancement V-Y plasty of skin and
  • Ligament release

Go safe with a surgeon who is experienced in the area and do your research well.

Follow the link below to learn more about the procedures and what else we have on offer. https://esmeeclinics.com.au/intimate-aesthetics/penile-enhancement-surgery

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