Male Grooming In 2020 – Gets One Step Further With Ball Lift (Scrotal Lift)

Scrotal Lifts

Male Grooming in the new millennium, Intimate Aesthetics and the Scrotum Lift.

It’s the new millennium, a world of automation, virtual reality, and sophistication. While Women rise as fierce competitors in the corporate world, aesthetics carry far greater weight than ever before. Grooming has become as equally important for men as it is for women, there’s no escaping it, style and prowess count and there is no room for self-doubt in or out of the office.

Humans have become more aware of the benefits of healthy eating and exercise and with technological advancements, have the potential to feel and look their best. Dedication to a good gym programme can yield brilliant results and turn even the skinny guy buff and rippled, but no matter how many nights you spend in the gym, man cannot defy gravity. Seriously, can you imagine how great you feel after months of blood sweat and tears sporting your perfectly sculptured body? Proud as punch until you take your jocks off and are betrayed by a loose and saggy ball sack. Yep, you can buff your body, have a face lift, get a sophisticated cut and color only to be betrayed by those two little nuggets.

As we age out skin loses elasticity and for most men over 50 there is a noticeable sagging of the scrotum. Whether it be due to age, certain medical conditions, injury or the way you were born, having a loose scrotum can not only be a confidence spoiler, but can get in the way during physical activity and cause discomfort. A growing number of men both hetero and homosexual of all ages are opting for the nip and tuck for cosmetic and comfort reasons and have reported being less self conscious in the sack and the results giving them a real confidence boost.

Male Enhancement Procedures

At Esmee Clinic we offer complete men’s grooming services in a safe and non intrusive way. We correct perceived deficiencies as well as physical deformities, remove excess scrotum skin and provide a relief from discomfort. To learn more about how the procedure is performed and other frequently asked questions follow the link

Growing in popularity for aesthetic reasons is “scrotox” or Botox injections to the scrotal area. These are a non surgical scrotum enhancement option and work to enlarge the scrotum, smooth out wrinkles and provide a firmer, youthful appearance. At a health level, Botox also reduces sweating, the cause of that dreaded jock itch and for the ultimate bonus, Botox injections increase sensitivity in the area and thus enhance your sexual experience.

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