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The Loose / Lax Vagina

Vagina is the larger genital opening in females used at intercourse. Vaginal deliveries will always stretch vaginas to their limits to leave them lax and patulous. Pelvic floor muscles become weak which further complicates things. Sexual dysfunction stems from inadequate contraction of pelvic floor muscles at intercourse leaving lost confidence and unhappy partner. Functional problems like urinary incontinence are also linked to weal pelvic floor. Vaginoplasty in simpler terms is tightening the vagina along with some part of pelvic floor.

The Procedure

Vaginoplsty is another common post-pregnancy procedure done to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy sexual health. This involves excision of a pre measured wedge of tissue ( skin , muscle and mucosa ) and meticulous suturing of the 3 different layers in question. The scar tissue of previous episiotomy during childbirth is also removed along with the muscles and mucosa. Patients should refrain from any sexual activity for 3 wks and active sex for 6 wks.

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