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What is Mons Pubis – Normal and abnormal

Mons pubis a soft hair-bearing area just above the clitoris. At the upper mons, the pubic hair-bearing skin changes into abdominal hairless skin. Normal Mons Pubis of puberty is flat and blends with the flat tummy. Pregnancy, aging, weight fluctuations will all cause the mons to sag down to look abnormal. Excess fat or sagged skin makes the mons look very ugly through the clothes. Women try to hide it under the upper thigh lining of the garments, but it still does shows up that bulge. There are a few procedures that can reshape your mons.


Mons reduction

Large, puffy and saggy mons can result from a combination of excess fat and stretched skin. A pre-measured wedge of skin and fat is excised as a wedge. The freshly cut edge is resuspended to the abdominal fascia so it retains its set position for long. This is done in the rooms under local anaesthesia if it’s a small to moderate reduction . Average time is one hour.

Liposuction and lift

In patients who have a more generalised bulge extending on the sides, those areas are out of reach for a wedge excision. Fine liposuction cannulas are used to suck out excess fat where the knife doesn’t reach. The skin then shrinks and re drapes with time.

Combination procedure

More often than not , it is a combination of Wedge excision and Liposuction that gives the best outcomes especially in post – pregnancy distorted mons pubices.

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