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Genital Aesthetic Surgery

Its surprisingly true that many woman are not quite comfortable with their genitalia . Some may complain about their looks while others find them annoying with tight fitting clothes.

Regardless of the cause ,Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery procedures which consists Vaginal rejuvenation and Vaginal tightening procedures will always make them happy. There has been a more than 50% increase in Labiaplasty procedures over the 2 yrs from 2013 to 2015 . Contrary to the popular belief the increased popularity doesn’t come from media marketing alone. Labiaplasty has one of the highest patient satisfaction rate amongst cosmetic surgery procedures.

Women feel very confident socially and sexually after having a beautiful vagina that they may have always wanted.


Normal and Abnormal

Labia are those delicate vertical lips at the entrance of vagina. There are 2 sets of Labia for each woman, one inside the other.

Labia Majora – outer lips that are seem without spreading the legs . They have hairy skin.

Labia Minora – inner lips situated inside the Labia Majora , better seen after spreading the thighs . They are pink , thin and delicate and don’t have hair.

There is ‘ no normal ’ labia. Labia differ so widely amongst women that there is no set standard of an ‘ ideal Labia ‘ This poses a question for any Cosmetic surgeon “what to achieve”, if there is no set normal”.

What Is accepted as normal standards are the relative positions of the 4 genital elements . They serve as guidelines for surgeons.

  • Labia Minora ( inner lips ) should be covered entirely by the Labia majora ( outer lips )
  • Clitoral Hood ( skin covering the clitoris) overhang , should not cover the clitoris completely
  • Mons pubis should not be bulky and saggy to be unsightly through the clothes
  • Labia majora should be plump enough, just to cover the minora.


They seem ‘abnormal’ when , inner lips ( labia minora ) protrude out more than the outer lips ( Labia majora ).The Labia may also loose volume with age and appear deflated and flat exposing the vagina. This makes women anxious and self conscious about their unsightly genitals. It is also uncomfortable when they can’t wear swim suits and other tight clothes at gyms and socially. Many become nervous in bed with lost confidence.


Labiaplasty surgery is careful surgical manipulation of the delicate tissues to give a more balanced and pleasing aesthetic outcome. The aim is also to reduce functional problems and restore confidence.

There are various techniques of labiaplasty tailored to specific needs. One thing common to all is to achieve finest scars hiding them in crease lines so they cant be seen.

Trimming labia

This is simple trimming of the excess inner lip. It achieves good balance by harmonising proportions. Taking away the dark pigmented labia after pregnancy is all what many women want.

The downside is ‘how much trim is a good trim‘. It should not expose the clitoris and neither should it leave that hood to look oversized.

Wedge Resection

This gives a better look since it restores the normal texture. It removes a wedge of that thickened Labia Minora. However darkened labia cannot be addressed in its entirety.

De epthelialisation

Narrow strips of excess skin are removed from the inner and outer wall of the labia. This might enhance the bulk of labia to make them fuller.

Larger labias could look too full and thick after this procedure and hence are unsuitable for this method.

Composite procedure

No key fit all locks. Dr. Mahadik will examine and assess patients and formulate a customised plan for each. Every woman needs to know what better suits their situation rather than offering them a generic plan.

Sometimes a combination of 2 procedures called ‘composite labiaplasty’ is an answer. However, a detailed consultation is necessary to come to a conclusion.

Dr Mahadik has the breadth of experience with all techniques and is in a best situation to help you out.


The outer lips may loose volume with ageing when they look flat. This inturn exposes the inner lips and vagina which is unpleasant in appearance. Fat transfer with trimming of the excess skin folds bring you the desired look The Labia Majora can also hypertrophy and gather more fat which will need liposuction and trim excision. Both procedures can be done as a day only procedures under local anaesthesia in the rooms.

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