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Clitoral Unhooding

The Clitoral Hood

Clitoris is the most sensitive part of the female genitalia that helps in arousal. Its synonymous to glans penis in males. A clitoral hood is a skin fold that ‘partially’ covers the clitoris as a protection against friction and irritation. Abnormal Clitoral hood is something that hangs excessively to cover the clitoris completely . This may interfere with sexual arousal and can also be unpleasant to look at. Women often want to get rid of this extra apron while they are going in for a Labiaplasty or Vaginoplasty procedure. The size of the hood is genetically determined rather than the body frame of a woman. Pregnancy and hormonal changes cause it to droop.

The Procedure

The surgery involves reshaping of the hood with 2 small incisions, one on each side to remove the excess. The sensitive clitoris remains untouched. Dr. Mahadik ensures that the ‘exact amount’ of the hood is unhooded. This still protects your clitoris from irritation and oversensitivity. Many women say that clitoral unhooding has enhanced their sexual gratification restoring their confidence. Its surprising how relationships can be enriched by such minor procedures.

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