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Circumcision is an small operation to get rid of the foreskin of your penis. Although it is cultural in some cultures to circumscribe in childhood, it has more advantages than harms. Men come in for circumcisions for aesthetic, functional and medical reasons. The common issues for which men consult us may cause them myriad of psychological problems, performance anxiety and sometimes stressed relationships. With modern day liberal discussions on genital aesthetics and its important, they find that solutions are often simple, easy and inexpensive.

Length of surgery 45 min – 1 hr
Hospital Most procedures are done under local Anaesthesia
Going home a few hrs after the procedure
Return to work 3 days after surgery
Final outcome 3 -6 months after the procedure
Cost $ 1500- 3000 depending on what needs to be done.

Although circumcision can be done entirely for aesthetic reasons, these are some indications for the procedure a)Tight foreskin – Some men have a relatively tight foreskin that could be painful or just uncomfortable. b)Excess foreskin – It is not uncommon for people to turn up with this complaint when they know it is a quick fix c)Aesthetic reasons – There are many men who like the look of the circumscribed penis and don’t mind going in for a small procedure to achieve that goal. d)Unsatisfactory previous circumcision – Many men are bothered by poorly performed circumcision from before.

  • Common problems include excessive skin excision causing tethering of skin which is unsightly
  • Painful erections and /or intercourse due o tethered skin
  • Wide and ‘ track mark’ scars
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