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As women become more comfortable with cosmetic procedures of their faces, breasts and tummies, they want to alter or “rejuvenate,” even more intimate areas of their bodies. They may call this as vaginal rejuvenation, designer vagin- oplasty, G spot amplification and / or revirgination . They are all categorized under Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery (VAS) or Vagina Facelift .

Believe, it becomes a responsibility of a clinician to ensure that the push and desire for improving genital aesthetics should be guided by scientific protocols and research

Understanding the benefits VAS procedures have to offer to women, Dr Mahadik decided to refine his skills in this subset of cosmetic surgery. He is now helping many Australians across the country in achieving their goal of an aesthetically pleasing vagina.

At initial consultation understand that you may be uncomfortable and nervous. Our staff at Esmee Clinic will comfort you through the whole process and guide you to arrive at a decision that suits you better.



Surgical time 1- 2hrs
Hospital Accreditated day surgery hospital, under General Anaesthesia administered by a board certified anaesthetist
Length of stay 2- 4 hrs
Back to work 1wk – 10 days . Sexual intercourse and any vaginal manipulation restricted for 4 wks at least.
Final outcome 3 -6 mnts
Cost Medicare item number ( if applicable) will be factored in the quote.
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Very clear photos in lithotomy position

  • legs apart
  • Labia majora ( outer lips ) spread neatly
  • Mons pubis – Standing position 1. Front view and 2. Side view


Labia minora are the inner lips maintaining moisture and keeping the genital doors closed. Ageing , puberty and even normally they may spread Labia majors ( outer lips ) and protrude

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Clitoral hood is a fold of skin overhanging the sensual Clitorus in females. This can enlarge interfering with sexual stimulation and giving an unpleasant look.

This excess skin needs to be removed to improve sexual function by increased stimulation. It also enhances cosmetic appearance.

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The soft, fatty , hairy area just above the clitoris is called mons pubis. Excess fat and skin makes it look bulky, saggy or unsightly even through the clothes. Liposuction combined with wedge excision can flatten it out

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In simple terms this is tightening of the vaginal opening improving sexual function along with appearance.

Pregnancy hormones , childbirth and age will weaken the pelvic floor muscles. Vaginoplasty procedure tightens these muscles by excising an ellipse of skin, mucosa and scar tissue.

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This is a ‘Revirgination ‘ procedure. Hymen is a thin membrane at the vaginal introitus

Intercourse and excessive exercise causes this to atrophy. An intact hymen is regarded as an emblem of virginity in some cultures. Surgically unfolding it with meticulous suturing can restore the hymen integrity

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Dr. Mahadik

Meet Dr Mahadik

Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery ( VAS ) is a different surgical specialty by its virtue of dealing with very delicate, and unforgiving tissues. Dr Mahadik, offers you his 18 years of vast surgical experience. He has mastered innovative surgical techniques in complex vulval and perineum reconstruction He has presented his work in National and International Plastic Surgery meetings and is a highly regarded medical practitioner in vulvo-vaginal reconstruction. The difficulty around this area is to deal with a delicate , sensitive and extremely vascular tissues . Hence it is important to choose a surgeon who has a specific interest in Vaginal rejuvenation and does such procedures on a regular basis.

Dr Mahadik, helps many women across Australia by educating and empowering them to choose a procedure that will bring in the desired confidence and aesthetic outcome. More importantly he is a very easy going person and most women are comfortable to speak out their him. At the end of the day we want to see you happy ,no matter what you choose.

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