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Trauma And Scars

Autologous fat improves the quality of skin which is thinned and atrophic due to

  • Sun damage
  • Burns
  • Radiation and
  • Ulcers

As Dr. Coleman discussed in his paper published in the September, 2006 issue of the Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, grafted fat affects the tissue into which it is placed in many ways for the duration of a patient’s life. At least in part, fat heals damaged or scarred skin because fat tissue has the highest concentration in the body of adult stem “repair” cells.  These special cells may be working by helping to create a new blood supply in the tissue, thus providing oxygen and nutrients. There is now evidence that fat grafted using the Coleman method can prevent and even reverse the body’s natural pathways that create and maintain scarring, both in the skin and deeper tissues. Additionally, fat tissue can also release growth factors and hormones, affecting tissues in many other ways.

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