Fat Grafting For Face


Youthful eyes

Attractive and young eyes are a combination of the temple , the brow and the eyelid.

Youthful eye has

  • Upwardly arched eyebrows from their midpoint to the sides
  • Soft tissue fullness that extends from the brow to the upper lid lashes
  • Fuller temple
  • Good texture of the eyelid skin
Changes with age

Almost every face starts loosing volume from temples and the brow after the 3 rd decade. The fatty fullness below the side brow atrophies and the brow-upper lid junction gradually becomes hollow.  The outline of the bony structures below the brow (the superior orbital rim) becomes visible, and one begins to look older, sometimes even ill, and in advanced stages even skeletal
Fat is also lost from the cheeks and the lower lid to cheek junction develops a tear trough. This makes you look old and tired.
When skin thins out and gets shrivelled, the blue veins become more prominent which again contributes to give an aged look.

Restoring the brow fullness with fat will plump up the brow upper lid junction. Adding fat to fill in the temple empties the veins and makes your side brow more visible from the front. Fat by stimulating collagen formation through its chemicals makes your skin firm, thick and radiant. This may give a natural glow and radiance to your face around the eyes.

Fat grafting is the best way to rejuvenate your temples and eye area for a longest lasting result.


Beautiful cheeks differ with different cultures . However some universally attractive features are , prominent upper cheeks and slight hollowing of mid cheeks. Some people have high bony support to augment the upper cheeks, while others are not that lucky.

Ageing causes loss of volume and sagging of the upper inner cheeks. They tend to droop down along the nasolabial fold giving an aged look.

Liposucult can not only reshape the youthful cheeks by adding volume, but it can also give people the extra height that they did not have before due to flat cheek bones. It thus can give you a ‘facelift look ‘.


Lower eyelid skin is the thinnest skin over the body. Any hollowing in this area wrinkles the skin and makes the veins prominent. Dark skin individuals sometimes develop dark circles under the eyes very prematurely.

This is the commonest area that benefits the most from fat grafting. The lost volume between the eyelid and tear trough is filled with tiny fat cells layered above each other to smoothen it out. After a few months the skin becomes firm and the veins disappear.

Sweling and bruising is common after Liposculpture. Multiple passes of the thin blunt cannula causes good amount of bruising and the downtime is around 2-3 weeks. Eventually it fades away, but you need to be patient before that happens.


Ageing nose – the ageing nose looses volume and fullness in its upper part between the eyebrows. Vertical skin wrinkles of age shrink it further. This causes the lower part of the nose to look relatively larger and broad and the face looks old.

Post surgery nose – Rhinoplasty surgeries may go wrong or leave some small ugly dents or visible cartilage edges. It’s a very common problem with post surgical noses that often need something very minimal.

Fat grating such areas can change contours and give more definition. Surprisingly the feel of the grafted fat is not ‘soft’ but quite firm almost similar to the underlying structure.


The lines or ceases on the face tell us how old we are. Marionette lines are the ones that start from the corner of the mouth and go downwards.

Many people are not happy to go for invasive procedures like facelift. Fat injections help fill in these grooves and lines.

Lack of fullness in the lips, smokers lines or undefined lips can be treated by careful layered fat injections.

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