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Fat Grafting For Breast

Its important to have a support of an experienced surgeon and a radiologist when contemplating fat grafting in breast to identify what is normal after fat grating.


Small dents and hollows after lumpectomy look unsightly .Layered LipoSculpture helps to fill in volume to restore contour and shape without a major operation.


The thinned and atrophic skin from radiation can improve and soften with fat grafting. Transferred fat brings in volume to plump up the atrophic and thinned skin of radiation. It also brings in chemical factors called growth factors which makes the skin firmer and more radiant.


Post radiation pain out of tight scars and restricted joint movements can be treated to a larger extent by minimally invasive fat grafting done as a office procedure. The increased blood supply and subcutaneous fat from ADSC may explain the fact.

Implant cover

Thin skin or a large size implant might make the implant edges visible. Animation deformities or capsular contractures are unforeseen complications that can make people unhappy. Fat can be layered around the implant capsule in layers. Rippling or indentations can be filled with fat. Sharp, visible edges of implants can thus be smoothened with Liposculpt techniques.

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Many women have some kind of reconstruction after mastectomy which may leave them with breasts which are asymmetrical ,unequal, hard and scarred.

Fat can be used to improve the look and feel of reconstructed breasts in many ways.  It can;

  1. soften the contours and hide the edges of the implant.
  2. it can be placed to shape the breast more naturally
  3. Can create cleavage and
  4. Can improve the look of scars

Will fat transfer cause complications with future breast cancer detection?

It is possible that calcifications and lumps can occur after fat transfer (as it can after any breast surgery), but there is no evidence to suggest that fat transfer will cause breast cancer or prevent its detection. The American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) has determined that fat grafting to the breast is safe and that there is no higher incidence of breast cancer among those who have had fat grafting. They do recommend, however, that the surgeon performing fat grafting to the breasts should be someone with a good deal of experience doing this procedure.

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