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Consultation and Technique

Fat Transfer

This theme of consultation is inspired from the work of the pioneer surgeon from New York named Dr Sydney Coleman.


Consultations are designed to establish good two way communication with you and Dr Mahadik to understand what look you are after.

We ask you to bring photos when you were young or from before injury. That helps Dr Mahadik to study the areas of volume loss with respect to the science of ageing. We will also take your present photos to compare.

Blueprint plan – Your ideas and the desired look will be listened carefully before customising an individualised plan that you agree with.

With your consent a customised blueprint is made outlining the proposed procedures on a paper sketch. The blueprint indicates areas of fat removal (blue) Fat placement (yellow, orange), areas to avoid (red) and tiny incisions (blue). The same blueprint is used to explain the informed consent and given to you as a record. This helps you to remember the agreed plan.

On the day of procedure we use the same blueprint to mark your body. It also guides Dr Mahadik in the procedure room with finer details.

Fat Transfer


Dr. Mahadik’s LipoSculpt technique is based on a California university scientific research on the most ideal steps on fat grafting to maximise fat survival.

As the outcomes of Fat Grafting procedures are heavily surgeon dependant, its important you choose a surgeon experienced in the procedure.

Fat Harvest area ( donor site ) – Dr. Mahadik selects donor sites based on scientific data and not his own or patient preference. Fat from the inner thigh and lower abdomen has higher number of adipose-derived stem cells ( ADSC) which may have a major role in improving longevity of grafted fat.

Harvest technique – A fine blunt tipped cannula with side holes is loaded on 10 cc syringes and used to harvest fat ( Colemans technique). Even if this technique is very time consuming it is least traumatic to fat cells.

We do not use any power assisted machines to harvest fat. We believe that extra time spent by hand retrieval technique, retains more of the grafted fat.

Processing for PURE fat – The syringes are subject to controlled centrifuge ( rotating machine) to separate non living components like oil and blood. PURE fat is separated which is concentrated in ADSC’s and various other growth factors.

Strategic placement – This is one of the most important component of LipoSculpt technique. Minute amount of purified fat is placed like a string of tiny pearls in a layer. Multiple tissue planes are infiltrated layer after layer to build up a desired volume. Different tissue planes ( above /below muscle and subcutaneous ) provide increased tissue contact, vascularity and breathing space to the new fat cells . We inject 20% more to allow reabsorbtion of fat. Any thing above this is overcorrection which causes inferior results with potential complications like calcifications or infections.

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Patients can go home 2-3 hrs after this office procedure.
Pain is easily controlled by pain tablets that are prescribed.
Dressing tapes stay for 5 days after which we see you at the clinic
Stitches are dissolving and don’t come out.
Bruising is expected for the first 2-3 weeks . This is due to the several passes of tiny blunt needles for placement of the fat in layers. Eventually it will fade.
Swelling It is worse for the first 2-3 weeks. Might take a couple months before it gets back to normal.
Some of that injected fat will disappear The fat which stays back after 8-10 wks is permanaent
Final outcome after 3-6 months


This is a minimally invasive procedure hence the risks are much less than traditional cosmetic surgery.

Specific risks are

  • Prolonged bruising
  • Lumpy feel in some areas
  • Asymmetry
  • Too much or too less fat placement
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