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Fat Grafting

Fat Transfer


Fat grafting is a new revolution in cosmetic medicine. Its already taken Americans by storm and is fast getting accepted around the globe including Australia.

More and more people are choosing minimally invasive cost effective procedures and fat grafting is a best ‘value for money ‘ procedure.

LipoSculpt is fat grafting done with a special technique. This skillfully sculpts your face and body to give you a more enhanced contour and a permanent definition.

Although plastic surgeons have done fat grafting for more than a century, the outcomes haven’t been that great until recently. Pioneers like Sydney Coleman ( New York ) have dedicated their lives around the research and practice in this area with great outcomes.


Fat Transfer is simple. It is transfer of excess fat from your belly or thighs into your face , breasts ( Lipofilling) or buttocks ( Brazilian Butt Lift ).

LipoSculpt is however, the specific technique of fat grafting ( structured microfat graft technique ) used by Dr Mahadik which gives maximum fat survival and better & permanent definition. Research over many years have concluded that the outcomes are heavily dependant on the surgeons expertise and his technique .

An extensive research by the university of California shows 4 important variables that affect the outcome.

  1. Method of Harvest
  2. Area of harvest
  3. Method of process to achieve PURE fat
  4. Method of placement

Layered Microfat Grafting Technique – Liposculpt

Dr Mahadik not just has a lectured in facial anatomy but also has an extensive surgical experience in facial surgery. Highly vascular beds and planes are chosen to layer the grafts for maximum acceptance.

His special cannulas place tiny ( 0.1cc) globules of purified fat in a layer. Good spacing allows ingrowth of blood vessels called ‘neovascularisation’. Layer after layer is built up till the desired volume is achieved. Another important thing is to way to retrieve and inject PURE fat. Its easy for any surgeon to give a fuller volume instantly, but what matters is how much of that fat will survive. Science says, fat purification should never be rushed into. Its takes time to separate oils ,water and serum to give us PURE fat.


Surgical time 1 – 3 hrs ( depends on what areas are treated. Usually 1.5 hr for the 3 areas around the eye and 2 hrs for complete face )
Hospital Its done in rooms under local anaesthesia
Down time Swelling and bruising stays for 2-wks as opposed to fillers
Final outcome Part of the fat gets absorbed by the body in 4 – 6 wks time. The results that you see after 3 mnts are permanent.
Costs depend on areas to be treated.

This is the most cost effective procedure given the free supply of your own fat and because you don’t need to pay an anaesthetist and operation theatre costs.


Scientists always knew that fat injections would have the best possible outcomes when it comes to facial volume restoration. The problem area was ‘ very little of the transferred fat survived ‘.

Now with new research and newer techniques we are winning and people are benefitting

Dr. Mahadik says “ Fat is gold “.

Synthetic fillers are not just expensive but have many other scarring issues in the face. Body makes every effort to reject such injected foreign materials. Even though it takes a long time to learn and master the art of fat grafting, it worth the time spent.

Fat is a perfect solution in experienced hands.

  • This is 100% biocompatible because its your own . It doesn’t give allergic or foreign body reactions.
  • Results at 3 month mark are permanent unlike fillers
  • Fat, apart from plumping the volume, also gives a natural radiance and firmness to your skin due to its chemical factors.
  • Visible veins on the aged temple or the cheek area can be eradicated giving you a natural glow.
  • Given its abundant supply and being permanent, its extremely cost effective.
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