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Dr. parag mahadik


Medical rebates and surgeon fees

Medicare rebates cannot sustain any surgical practice that offers a safe and high quality surgical care.

Medicare rebates have been frozen since 2012 with no plans to increase in fees in the near future. The inflation, wages, medical equipment, rents have risen Multifood in this time.

We do not bulk bill at Esmee clinic. However we try our best to accommodate pensioners and the families of those who served in armed forces of Australia.


  • $200
  • $ 75 in addition ,If biopsy is done


Dr Mahadik has an extensive experience in skin cancer work working in various Plastic Surgery Departments across Sydney. He has operated more than 1700 simple and complex skin cancers with excisions, skin grafts and flaps

He offers a flat fee for all skin cancer work. Claiming medicare rebates is getting increasingly harder and not worth the time wasted. You cannot claim these rebates through our clinic.

We however have chosen to incorporate them in our pricing model so you don’t miss out on anything.

The cost reduces considerably for multiple lesions done at the same time.

Excision and closure $ AUD 400
Excision and skin graft $ AUD 800
Excision and flap $ AUD 1000
Fat Grafting rejuvenation $ AUD 1000 each area


Dr. Mahadik has performed over 3000 hand surgery procedures till date including trauma, semi elective and elective hand surgery.

We charge a flat fee for all hand procedures undertaken. Medicare rebates are very small. We have incorporated that in our quote already.

Carpal tunnel $ AUD 800 for one side
Trigger finger $ AUD 500
De quervain’s $ AUD 650 each side
Ganglion $ AUD 750-1000 depending on the complexity
Fat Grafting rejuvenation $ AUD 1000 each hand


Please arrive 20 min before your appointment to familiarise with our staff and fill in the patient registration papers.

If you are late , we will make every effort to accommodate you.

Occasionally certain emergencies or other unplanned events may disrupt schedules from our side and things will be conveyed to you as soon as we know.

A standard consultation will last for around 45 mins on average. We encourage you to ask as many relevant questions

Things to know and ask

  • Tell us your concern / desire. Concern – you don’t like the look of your nose Desire – Nose job. Keeping the two things separate helps us to understand what bothers you most. Sometimes , you may not need expensive procedures
  • Expectations from the procedure offered.
  • Ask if there are alternatives to the suggested procedure
  • Questions from your research that you didn’t understand.
  • Medical history, allergy, medications ( blood tinners ), previous operations.
  • What exactly is included in the quote.
  • Any complications and their likelihood


Any surgical quote is an addition of

  • Hospital cost / Facility fee – operation theatre and bed if you are staying overnight
  • Anaesthetic Cost and
  • Surgeons cost

All our work is carried out in Australian accredited hospitals / facilities. We only employ Board Certified Anaesthetists to ensure complete safety and peace of mind.


Most cosmetic surgery procedures don’t attract a medicare rebate. Hence your private health insurance won’t cover it.

We do not take the hassle of negotiating with medicare about the minimal rebates that rarely may apply for your situation. We rather incorporate that cost to reduce our quote.

Our practice will ask you to deposit surgical costs upfront no later than 2 wks before the surgery



You are required to pre pay the consultation when you make a booking. That helps us to keep aside that time for a detailed discussion.

Cancellation before 48 hrs of the consult full refund
Cancellation within 48 hrs No refund
Rescheduling the booking No fees
Surgical Fees

Due to an explosive rise in Cosmetic Procedures we have to pre book operation theatres, equipments and theatre staff.

Hence to secure a day and hospital for your procedure we have to charge you a deposit of $ 1000.

Your surgical charges are to be paid upfront to confirm the procedure no later than 2 wks before the procedure.

Both the fees are refundable before 2 wks from the procedure.

After 2 wks part of those funds are refunded after charging you a cancellation fee.


I will provide all of these forms to be uploaded over later

  • Patient registration
  • Medical history
  • Pre surgery checklist
  • Pre operative instructions
  • Informed consent
  • Financial agreement
  • Post operative instructions
  • Cancellation policy
  • Kingsgrove Day Hospital form
  • Holyroyd Private Day Surgery forms
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