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Our Philosophy

Dr. parag mahadik

Conceptually, interpretation of beauty has 2 parts ‘ Aesthetics and Taste ‘

‘Aesthetics’ is the philosophical idea of beauty. It is crowd based opinion defined by social norms. ‘Taste’ on the other hand is very personal. It is influenced by class, cultural background and education. At Esmee Clinic we take pride to incorporate your own ‘ taste’ while offering and sculpting a cosmetic surgery procedure for you. We believe that understanding a patient means, understanding him and his entire situation. Apart from your desire to enhance a particular feature, we want to listen about ‘ you and your story ‘. We would like to know your concerns , your doubts, your situation and importantly your own taste relevant to your culture.

We strongly believe that cosmetic Surgery is not just about a procedure. In our opinion it is a journey that is designed to make you happy and that happiness should last for long.

Why Choose Us

The Medical Board of Australia doesn’t classify Cosmetic Surgery as a Specialty Surgical division like orthopaedic , ENT , vascular surgery etc. At Esmee clinic we encourage that, patients should choose their surgeon looking at the versatility and length of the surgical experience before going under the knife. Spreading happiness with a kinife is a task that needs to be carefully planned and precisely executed. Our protocol follows 3 important steps , 1. Listening to you    2. Customised planning and    3. Diligent execution

Dr. parag mahadik

We want to understand what ‘drives you most’ to select a procedure . So we decide to listen and not lecture. Listening is an art. It helps us to know you better as a person and personalise the procedures to your bodies and your taste. We understand that although all people come with a common goal to achieve beauty, they have different expectations. Cosmetic Surgery for most, isn’t just a procedure. It’s a motivation for an overall change in lifestyle and also journey towards happiness. So in order to get it right for you, in the first place we need to figure out, what suits you the best.

Dr. parag mahadik
Customised planning

We all know that remaining attractive and youthful is an ongoing journey There are hundreds of surgical, non- surgical, and minimally invasive procedures advertised on internet which only can confuse people. Every face, feature, anatomy, skin and situation is different and surgery may not always be the best fit for a problem. Dr Mahadik, does believe that carefully executed non- surgical procedure can sometimes do wonders especially in experienced hands. On the contrary, sometimes going surgical can save you time and money. In short we customise a ‘cosmetic care plan’ for you for all needs and all pockets.

Dr. parag mahadik
Diligent Execution

At Esmee we take pride in delivery of excellent quality of surgical care to our clients. Dr Mahadik’s breadth of experience spans across most areas of cosmetic surgery. No matter what you choose,the execution of the procedure will be done safely and upto the highest standards. Esmee only operate in accredited facilities , under stringent APHRA regulations and along with Australian Board Certified Anaesthesiologists. This ensures best patient care and safety. By and large our business model provides you with an excellent ‘ value for money ‘ along with trust and peace of mind.

What we don’t do

  • Conceptually we don’t believe that people visiting Esmee Clinic are ‘patients’, just because they will have a procedure done in a hospital. Desire to look attractive and youthful is now a social norm and that doesn’t make them sick.
  • We also don’t talk you into a more expensive procedure if we think it wont make you happy. We wouldn’t give you unrealistic expectations out of a procedure and rather empower you through our blogs and consultation to take an informed decision as every happy patient adds value to our practice.
  • Competition is not always about cost. Many practices that focus just on price match, must have to cut corners to retain clients. Our primary focus lies on doing a great job, rather than cost cuttings. We hence advice you to look into ‘value for your buck’ proposition when signing up for any procedure.
  • We also don’t rely solely on technology and computer morphing to win patients. Technology is always good to guide us, but a question needs to be asked, ‘how likely can you achieve this computer image of me‘. An experienced surgeons skill and a thorough understanding of what his client wants is still more reliable than computerised images.
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