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Parag Mahadik


Dr. Parag Mahadik is a highly regarded medical practitioner in Sydney with 19 years of vast and diverse surgical experience. Out of his 14 long years of Plastic Surgical experience, 12 years have been spent in Australia in the same specialty of Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery. He moved to Sydney in 2008 as a specialist Plastic Surgeon and a Microsurgeon from India. Since then, he has been an esteemed surgeon member of various Plastic Surgery units in major tertiary hospitals across NSW. He is affiliated with the Largest Tertiary Care and Trauma referral Hospital of NSW. His dual specialist qualifications (General Surgery and Plastic Surgery) from India, bring in the wealth of surgical volume in terms of numbers, while his Australian experience decorates it with high-quality finesse. The end result is nothing less than what you have desired.


The last 10 yrs of his surgical practice in Australia, predominantly focus on Plastic Surgery, Facial Surgery, and Cosmetic Surgery. He has performed thousands of operations of the face, body, breast, and hands He has had extensive experience in reconstructions of the Breast, Head and Neck, Lower extremity, and Facial trauma. He has bought to life hundreds of faces, deformed from cancer, disease, or accidents. As a trusted & reputed microsurgeon, he automatically has that attention to detail, finesse in work, and the necessary patience. We believe, these attributes finally reflect in our patient outcomes which are far more important to us than just sweet talk.

Like many countries, there is no specialist registration available for Cosmetic Surgery in Australia. Below is the link from NSW Health which defines who can perform Cosmetic Surgery Procedures.

However, at Esmee Clinics we recommend choosing a surgeon with extensive experience in the area.

For upskilling his Cosmetic Surgery experience he has worked alongside many renowned Cosmetic Plastic surgeons in Australia over time. His microsurgery skills helped him immensely into this gradual transformation into an aesthetic surgeon. His cosmetic surgery work in most areas of the Breast, Body, Face, and Genitalia, hence has become very refined and accepts nothing less than perfection. As commonly believed, “Enhancing the beauty, out of normal form is easy for someone who recreates form and beauty which is nonexistent”

Another important thing that sets him apart from others is the art of listening than lecturing. That stems from his experience working with people from different cultures and knowing that different people may have very different concerns. At Esmee, we believe that understanding patients mean understanding everything around them to be able to customize a treatment plan tailored to their needs. Dr. Mahadik also believes that ‘ patients are happier if you incorporate their own ‘taste’ into the aesthesis’.

This eye for detail, the finesse, and the wealth of experience makes him an ‘artist’ when it comes to sculpting beautiful faces and bodies.


Dr. Mahadik has a keen interest in innovative clinical research. Concepts of beauty constantly change and so does technology. In order to offer the most recent and the best cosmetic techniques to his patients, he travels around the globe visiting the pioneers and attending aesthetic surgery meetings.

His new techniques have been accepted and applauded for research presentations nationally and internationally, by reputed medical organizations like the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and New Zealand Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Teaching and Mentorship

He is heavily involved in teaching activities for medical students from the University of Sydney and the University of Notre dame. He also provides teaching sessions to Emergency Physicians and supervises junior doctors of the NSW Department of Health on Plastic Surgery rotations.

Mateship and Giving back

Friendship or mateship is about being together, helping mates and fellow colleagues all along the way. Dr. Mahadik has headed many social and professional organizations and is known for his team-building skills.

He runs a charity for ‘ the girl child ‘ along with his wife who is a Gynaecologist.

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